Our shop features our signature botanical pieces alongside a curated selection from other local makers. 


Crystal succulents

The magic of crystals and the science of plants meet to bring you the most beautiful accent touch for your home or office. These are our customers' favorite gifts to self and others.


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driftwood succulents

Bring the beauty of nature inside with these lovely and long lasting pieces of planted art. Displayed inside or out, these are sure to impress!

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living accessories

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local collection

sorry non-San Diego friends, these items are not available to ship, so they're for the locals only!

Everything else is totally shippable and available to all!* *some restrictions apply, plants shipped within the US only.



Are you crafty or curious about getting your hands dirty to create something fun, beautiful and living?! Our DIY kits will satisfy your succulent craft cravings.

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planty people artisan shop

Mad Potters Concrete Vessels

The Knot Spot Macrame

Pair of Knots Fringe Hanger

Nuvy's Things - botanical inspired fiber art

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infinite succulent book presales now available!