How Succulents Changed my Life


So over the last year I did this big thing…I wrote a BOOK on Succulent crafts. The book - Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share - was just released on February 26th, 2019, and encompasses miniature and accessible, succulent crafts. I delve into how to clip and propagate your plants, along with detailed instructions for craft creation, care and deconstruction as well. The whole process of writing this book -from inception to final products in hands today - is just one example of how these amazing, resilient, inspiring and beautiful little plants have forever changed my life.

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At the very end of 2017, I received an email in my inbox that stated “Hi, I am a book editor at a publishing house and I love your Instagram feed. Have you ever thought about writing a book?”

As you can imagine, after my initial excited freak-out, I jumped on replying to that email, starting the conversation that would eventually lead to me developing and writing a book proposal, and then a few weeks later, starting the process of writing a craft book.

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The process of writing this book was astonishingly smooth for me. Not to say it didn’t require hard work, and tons of late nights - it certainly did necessitate both of those things. Yet the book was also a total JOY for me to develop and create. From brainstorming the crafts, outlining the flow, prepping for the photo shoots (major shout out to my talented photographer and friend Marie Monforte), selecting the photos and then ultimately actually writing the text - I truly enjoyed each stage of this process.

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I cannot express enough, how grateful I was, and am, for this amazing opportunity. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed. I know that for many, their greatest dream is to write books and get book deals, and here I was with what felt like the greatest gift of all just falling right into my lap! I am so thankful. And none of this would have happened, if I hadn’t begun playing with my succulents as a means of quieting my overactive and fearful mind those few years ago.

These plants opened up a part of me that was so deeply hidden, I didn’t even know it existed. They opened me up to my own creativity, my own intuition and my own relationship with my family, my environment, myself and my Spirit. Succulents, along with all the experiences that have come from my creative relationship with these muse-like plants, have forever changed my life, and for that, and so much more I am eternally grateful.

Thank you friends. Thank you for your following me as I journey deeper into my relationship with Nature and myself, led by these life-affirming little plants. Thank you for your inspiration, your encouragement and your support. Thank you for also loving plants and this amazing planet we call home. I hope you all love this book as much as I loved creating it, and I hope you all feel inspired to get playful with your plants. The benefits of creativity and Nature are far deeper and greater than the lovely living art you will create, of that I can assure you.

Happy planting and happy creating my friends!

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RACHAEL COHEN is the creator & owner of INFINITE SUCCULENT, a plant art styling and educational service in San Diego, Ca.

Through her plant art and styling services, as well as her workshops, Rachael connects and engages her clients with the natural world, while helping them achieve the botanical atmosphere of their dreams!

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“one touch of nature makes the whole world kin”

- william shakespeare

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Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share published by The Countryman Press in 2019.

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