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My name's Rachael (Rakel) and I am absolutely obsessed with succulents. I love to stare at them, I love to touch them and I really really love to make art with them. I'm also an Environmental Educator (with an ocean focus) and my two passions truly play off each other.

I've always felt drawn to share my love for our planet with others - to marvel at the beauty, complexity, and inter-connectivity of LIFE; and above all, to acknowledge that we are part of something bigger, to appreciate that and act to protect and conserve it.

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Which brings me back to my love for succulents. As someone who loves nature, ecology and the ocean, these plants just GET ME! I mean how cute are they?! Their shapes, textures, and colors often remind me of ocean critters. They also survive, often in tough conditions, for years and propagate (reproduce) readily - making it easy(ish) to grow your collection.

In fact, I continue to work on propagating my succulents now. Stay tuned for my next blog post which will be all about my experience with succulent propagation and what it has taught me about parenthood. Here are some other great blogs where I learned more about succulent propagation.

Succulents require less water than many other ornamental or house plants, which is great when you live in a dry area with water conservation issues (like us in Southern California). And, unlike floral arrangements, which wither and die, succulent art will continue to thrive for years to come (with a little know-how).

Succulents also have a will to survive that just surpasses expectations. Anyone who has casually tossed a seemingly dead succulent stem under a bush somewhere, only to find it growing roots and new plants just a few weeks later, knows exactly what I'm talking about. If your succulents start to get too long and leggy, you can always cut them and get more plants out of the deal! Learn more here. Succulents' will to live and heartiness inspire a sense of hope in me - hope that if given the right conditions, our damaged planet can also heal, survive and thrive.

For those of us who love plants, succulents are truly the gift that keeps giving! This is one reason why so many of us are enamored with these versatile and sustainable plants, and hopefully why you will be too.

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RACHAEL COHEN is the creator & owner of INFINITE SUCCULENT, a plant art styling and educational service in San Diego, Ca.

Through her plant art and styling services, as well as her workshops, Rachael connects and engages her clients with the natural world, while helping them achieve the botanical atmosphere of their dreams!

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