Meet the Makers from LBE Design

LBE Design is a San Diego based, home decor and accessories company dedicated to creating environmentally and socially sustainable products. We asked the founder Veronica (who owns and created the company alongside her husband Jon) how & why they started their business.

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Why or How did you start your artisan craft?

Travel has always been my passion. I lived in Costa Rica part of my junior and senior year of college and backpacked through most of latin America. After graduating, i was broke and needed to find a job. I began working  for a  large corporation, what was only suppose to be a few months morphed into a decade. I had a successful career and enjoyed my job, but knew something was missing. 

Over the years Jon (husband) and I would  fantasize about leaving our corporate jobs and would come up with crazy business ideas, but  Monday rolled around and I was on a plane again headed to a client meeting. While my work schedule was tough, I would find solace in knowing I had some sort of trip planned where I could embrace my love of adventure and cultural discovery. It was on one of our trips where inspiration found us. We've always had a love for craftsmanship and constantly marveled by the number of talented artisans across the globe.

 We had spent over a year looking for the perfect planters and never found exactly what we were looking for, so we decided to make our own and created REVIVAL Ceramics. We designed our planters specifically to fit grow pots, and with extra room for drainage. We also wanted to make sure water never seeped from the planter onto our floors or furnitures, so we wanted planters that were waterproof.  We spent the following 8 months traveling to different countries looking for the right partners, that could not only create a premium product but who shared in  our values of environmental and social sustainability. this is a major drive for us in our personal lives and we decided it would be the  corner stone of our business. 

Here we are today, with an international team from all walks  of life.

Check out the amazing products from LBE Design here.

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