Meet the Makers: Christie from MadPotters

MadPotters is a Fallbrook based, handmade cement pots and home decor company. We asked the founder Christie the why & how she started her business amongst other things to bring you closer to her.

Image compliments of Christie

Image compliments of Christie

Why or How did you start your artisan craft?

I was living in NYC at the time, just beginning my succulent obsession. My boyfriend sent me a video of DIY pots for my ever growing collection and the cement look jumped out at me. You can imagine 55 lb bags of cement and small apartment living do not mix well together, so I started MadPotters as a way to share my new found passion - and get some weight out of my 7th floor apartment. It was always a joke that we'd end up living on the 6th floor if I brought any more cement home. When I moved to San Diego, I knew I couldn't go back to a desk job and have been using this opportunity to grow as an artist. 

Favorite plants?

Succulents! Partly because they're pretty hard to kill here in So Cal, but mostly because of the community that comes with being a succulent lover. I have met so many great people and made genuine friendships through the world of succulents, people that I would never have crossed paths with in any other aspect of life - and I owe it all to succulents.

Best gift you’ve ever received?

That’s a hard one! I’ve got a section of my plant collection that consists only of succulents and cacti that have been gifted to me. It’s a daily reminder of the friendships made through the succulent community, and that has been the best gift to me. 

Check out some of Christie’s beautiful creations on our Planty People Shop.

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