Meet the Makers from Nuvy's Things

Nuvy’s Things is a San Diego based, handmade goods company dedicated to plants and fiber arts. We asked the founder Nuvia a few things to bring you closer to her.

Image compliments of Nuvy’s Things

Image compliments of Nuvy’s Things

Why or How did you start your artisan craft?

I started because of the need for creativity. I enjoy learning and trying out different art forms but  my cup of tea is fiber.  Fiber is such a versatile medium for art.

What is your favorite plant?

My favorite plant is the fiddle fig leaf plant. I love it’s tolerance to  the California weather and it’s beautiful foliage. 

What is your favorite gift ever received?

My favorite gift is from my friend Arami from @madrehandmade.  Last year she sent me a very heart warming banner that’s a s perfect for Christmas time. It says  “have your self a merry little Christmas “ in a  Christmas tree shape :)


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