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succulent bracelet kit


Adorn yourself with living jewels with this creative and sustainable living bracelet kit! Whether wearing to an event, a night on the town or just around the neighborhood, you’ll definitely make a statement with these beautiful and unique-to-you living bracelets.

 This DIY Kit includes:

  • Cuff bracelet base

  • Preserved natural reindeer moss

  • 5 varied succulent clippings

  • 1 small raw crystal stone (amethyst or citrine)

  • 3 dried flowers

  • Tube of E6000 craft glue



Headband Base Kits


These living accessories make a great crafting activity for bridal showers, birthday parties or family bonding. Each kit contains all the materials you will need to create your own succulent adorned copper headband. With proper care your living headband will last around 3 months before the clippings will need to be replanted.




Mini wreath kit


These adorable living wreaths make the cutest ornaments or magnets and are wonderful personal holiday gifts for teachers, neighbors and friends!

Materials Included in this Kit:

  • Mini grapevine wreath

  • Mini tube of E600 craft glue

  • Preserved green forest moss

  • Green paddle/floral wire

  • Small spray of faux red berries

  • Paper plate palette

  • 3 small circle magnets

  • 5 small succulent clippings

  • Infinite Succulent Thank You & Care Card



Succulent Twig Magnets


A perfect craft to do with the family! These hanging vignettes of Nature not only make lovely succulent decor for your home or office, but they will bring a smile to anyone who receives them as a handmade gift!

Materials included in this kit:

  • 1 piece of small driftwood

  • Handful of preserved moss

  • Circle magnet backing

  • 5 succulent clippings

  • Feather

  • 2 dried blooms

  • Small Tube of E6000 craft glue

  • Infinite Succulent Thank You & Care Card