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Plants not only beautify your interior spaces, they also benefit your health and productivity! Whether you are looking to botanically style your home, enliven your workspaces or create a photo-worthy planted installation, Infinite Succulent will help you achieve your plant style goals.

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Houseplants please the eye, improve air quality, enliven mood, increase productivity and allow for tons of creative expression!

Infinite Succulent will help you create a plant-based style of home decor. Our services include:

  • Living walls, vertical gardens

  • Styled houseplants for health benefits (“plantscaping”)

  • Porch and patio  atmosphere

  • Centerpieces (monthly packages and event services available)

  • Custom Pieces/Succulent Art

  • Personal handcrafted gifts for all occasions


A plant filled space will earn your business style points, while also improving air quality, productivity and even your employees' & customers' mood.

Achieve a plant-based atmosphere aligned with your business & vision.

Our services include*:

  • Living Walls/Vertical Gardens

  • Planted Fountains

  • Botanical Boxes/”Plantie Frames”

  • Statement Pieces

  • Office/Lounge Plant Decor

  • Event Styling

  • Custom/Client/Branded Gifts

  • Plant art maintenance

*Faux and Preserved Botanical Art options available

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improve your environment with the touch of nature

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