Mini Succulent Wreath Tutorial





  1. Mini grapevine wreath

  2. Mini tube of E600 craft glue

  3. Preserved green forest moss

  4. Green paddle/floral wire

  5. Small spray of faux red berries

  6. Paper plate palette

  7. 3 small circle magnets

  8. 5 small succulent clippings

  9. Infinite Succulent Thank You & Care Card


  1. Glue gun

  2. Scissors

  3. Ribbon, twine or yarn

step by step

Step 2: Wrap your winter green clipping

Step 2: Wrap your winter green clipping

Step 4: Glue moss to wreath

Step 4: Glue moss to wreath

Step 5: Glue on succulent clippings

Step 5: Glue on succulent clippings

Step 8: Add your seasonal touches

Step 8: Add your seasonal touches

NOTE: If you have a glue gun at home, I highly recommend that you use it for this craft! Hot glue will not harm your succulent clippings and is a much easier and faster glue to use than the cold craft glue.

  1. Unpack all your materials
    Arrange your clippings along the wreath form to attain a visual plan before beginning.

  2. (Optional) If desired, use the floral wire to wrap your winter green clipping to the wreath form.

  3. Glue along the wreath form where you wish to arrange your clippings.

  4. Take small amount of preserved moss and tightly press it against the glued wreath form. Cut a piece of floral wire (about 6-7 inches) and wrap it around the moss to secure tightly.

  5. To glue on succulents – simply apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of your clipping and then press firmly into the moss. After about 1-2 weeks your clippings will grow roots and root directly into the moss.

  6. Finish with seasonal elements to accessorize your wreath, such as: small holiday berries, feathers, dried flowers, wild grass clippings, tiny pinecones, holiday baubles, etc.

  7. Glue the three magnets to the back to complete your living wreath magnet OR… OPTIONAL: Use ribbon, twine or yarn to tie a bow on top and hang with your holiday decorations!


Voila! You are done!

Voila! You are done!


LIGHT: Provide bright and indirect light.

WATER: Wait 1-2 weeks after creation before giving any water (this gives the plants time to grow some roots). Then, mist lightly every 5-7 days and only when the piece feels totally dry.

MAINTENANCE: Once your succulents begin to outgrow their wreath home (typically in about 3 months) you can remove them by gently pulling them off the moss, and then replanting into any vessel of your choice (mugs, jars, vases, bowls, etc.). With the proper care, they will continue to grow!

To learn more about how to care for succulents please visit Succulent Care page.